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Bard Champions for Healthcare Providers

With a focus on positive patient outcomes 

In a changing healthcare landscape, medical facilities need to balance new quality standards for patient care with an increasing cost burden.  Evidence-based decision-making has become essential, with a focus on positive patient outcomes and the provision of cost-effective care.

At Bard, we align with healthcare professionals globally to focus on elevating the quality of patient care, while discovering innovative ways to prevent potentially adverse effects and risk for both the patient and the clinician.

Key areas of focus include:

  • Solutions Provider – Offering a comprehensive portfolio of products, and provides solutions for the range of procedure, condition, and patient considerations.
  • Healthcare Economics - Creating healthcare economics and outcomes tools and resources to help our customers understand the value Bard brings in terms of patient outcomes and health economics.
  • Safety – Using the right product for the right procedure promotes the right outcome; and using Bard products can offer clinical benefits such as reducing infections and readmissions, while simultaneously reducing healthcare costs
  • Less Invasive/Smaller - Developing products that are smaller and less invasive.
  • Reduced Complications - Designing products to reduce complications, which is even more critical to our customers as they begin to be impacted financially for adverse events.
  • Reduced Variability - Product standardisation promotes common approaches and processes, reduces the opportunities for error, and increases patient-centered outcomes. (Source: OHA 2012)

These are areas where healthcare is headed and we're leading the way in our spaces of Oncology, Urology, Vascular, and Surgical Specialties.

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